FiduciaryShield empowers advisors with automated analysis and fiduciary solutions.

FiduciaryShield connects you with dozens of recognized recordkeepers for proposal requests.
We connect you to the market and provide a simple platform to analyze and present proposals.
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How We Work With Advisors

Finding the best retirement plan can be complex ā€“ but it doesnā€™t have to be. FiduciaryShield is a free-to-advisor platform that allows an advisor to request retirement plan proposals from dozens of providers with the click of a button. No more taking calls from incessant wholesalers ā€“ only when you want.

FiduciaryShield allows you to easily communicate the needs of your client to prospective recordkeepers and provides a transparent analysis of each proposal to help you match the best option for your client.

Plans utilizing FiduciaryShield receive automated monitoring reports to alert the advisor and plan sponsor of changes in the market which allows advisors to focus on better servicing their clients and growing their business.

We Will Help You:

  • Submit your request for proposals to dozens of providers
  • Compare proposals side by side in a transparent manner
  • Evaluate and monitor plan fees and investments
  • Find prospective retirement plans that need your services
  • Differentiate your practice by offering transparency and documented adherence to fiduciary principals

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