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Our Philosophy

Employer sponsored retirement plans can be complex, but they don't have to be. By utilizing our free software and providing basic plan information, we are able to sort through proposals from the major carriers to find the best plan for your employees.

Our Service allows you to easily ask all major providers for the specific features that you need, and they are thrilled to compete for your business.

If our process helps you find a better retirement plan, we will deduct a small fee from the new plan to provide ongoing monitoring. Monitoring is a key step in the fiduciary process, and is how we create an effortless way for you to always know if you are fulfilling your fiduciary duties.

We Will Help You:

  • Understand if the fees in your retirement plan(s) are reasonable compared to other employers like you
  • Know who is responsible for choosing and monitoring the investments in your plan
    (it shouldn’t be you!)
  • Evaluate your plan on an ongoing basis to remain in good fiduciary standing.
  • Avoid anything that could be perceived as a conflict of interest
  • Help your employees to have as much money as possible at retirement

Let's check your Plan

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    Request Bids

    After locating your company retirement plan information, you will enter other basic information to tell us more about the plan. Pricing, fund list, option etc.. and submit for bid.

  • 2
    View Responses

    As potential recordkeepers answer the request, proposals will be sorted and scored. You will be presented with the top results.

  • 3
    Select and Monitor

    Once you select and implement your new plan. FiduciaryShield will continue to monitor your plan and send you notifications if any updates need to be made.

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