Enterprise Level Clients

We offer custom white-labeling services for enterprise level clients. Let us build a custom package to suit your needs. From advisor processes and sales tracking to back-end infrastructure flow and compliance support, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today for more information and pricing.


Subscription Options


  • Free / Pay as you Go
  • Professional
  • Advanced Solutions
Free / Pay as you Go Professional Advanced Solutions
Monthly Price (Paid Annually)
*See Terms
Free $99 Call for more info
Standard Features
Easy Setup
No software to install — quick and easy online sign up.
Concierge Onboarding Service
Assistance onboarding your existing plans.
Unlimited Requests for Proposals (RFPs)
Request proposals from leading recordkeepers. .05% to .15% fee of AUM on RFP conversions for fiduciary monitoring, breakpoints available.
National Plan Search
Search plans nationwide powered by BidMoni and DOL Form 5500 data.
Premium Features
Wellness Reports
Access to Fiduciary Wellness Reports available for every ERISA plan.
$25-$50 per report
401k Prospector
Sort and filter plans based on a specific geographic location. An advanced search feature allows users to search plans based on:
  • - Current Service Provider
  • - Fiduciary Risk Factors / Unique Plan Characteristics
LinkedIn® Integration
Grow your network and ask for referrals by connecting with a plan's named sponsor and other key employees.
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*Additional White Label, Firm Level, and Licensing options available. Contact for more information


  • Covers both the initial request for proposal (RFP) and subsequent benchmarking
  • Only charged upon selection of an RFP respondent
  • Charged from plan assets
  • Applies to plans from $0-$25,000,000 AUM
  • Custom pricing offered for plans over $25,000,000

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