Appleton, Wisconsin Founded in 1997

MAP Retirement

Mapping America's Retirement Success One Plan At A Time
MAP Retirement partners with every type of financial advisor to create customized retirement plans that meet their clients’ specific goals. We work hand in hand with advisors through the entire lifecycle of a plan, providing the counsel and guidance they need to best support their efforts.

We build retirement plans for companies ranging from startups to large corporations, and we’re proud to work with more than 2,100 clients nationally.

Our services include:

Plan Design & Consulting
Plan Testing
Plan Optimization
Assist with Record Keeping Analysis
Fact Finding
Finals Meetings
Annual Reviews
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We offer a comprehensive platform to help grow and manage your employer sponsored retirement plan business.

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Let us help you fulfil key fiduciary obligations and reduce exposure to ERISA litigation while saving you time.

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As an employee, are you paying reasonable fees on your retirement plan? Let’s find out!

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