Webinar Replay: BidMoni Small Market Solution

BidMoni Small Market Solution Webinar Replay


BidMoni has partnered with five national Recordkeeping firms and one national TPA firm to create the first ever fully digital 401K marketplace.  We have worked with advisors across the country to remove the friction points in selling smaller plans, including:

  • Identifying opportunities
  • Generating proposals
  • Running plan comparisons
  • Plan onboarding


Webinar Replay: Stress Free 401(k) Prospecting

00:00     Intro/Finovate Announcement
02:25     Subscription Options
03:00     401(k) Prospector
04:05     Example 1:  GE 401(k) Overview Page
05:00     Connecting to GE HR Manager on LinkedIn
10:30     Example 2:  Norfolk Hardware 401(k) Overview Page
11:30     Connecting to Norfolk Hardware HR Manager on LinkedIn
13:30     LinkedIn Messaging Ideas