PODCAST >> Grow Your Business and Grow Your Wealth

Grow Your Business and Grow Your Wealth

Click here to listen episode 188 of Gary Heldt's podcast, Grow Your Business and Grow Your Wealth, featuring BidMoni's CEO, Stephen Daigle. 


Key Takeaways:

🚀 Embracing Technology for Simplification: Technology is a game-changer, making retirement planning more accessible and less intimidating for business owners.

🛡️ The Power of Fiduciary Shields: Ensuring compliance and transparency, fiduciary shields are essential for protecting business owners and their employees.

💰 Leveraging Secure 2.0 for Tax Advantages: Discover how Secure 2.0 legislation can provide substantial tax credits, making retirement benefits more attainable for small businesses.

🌱 Strategic Cash Management: Effective cash management is pivotal for daily operations and a cornerstone of a robust retirement strategy.


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